What is our mission ?

To help you tell a great story; one that reaches the hearts & minds of your listeners and compels them to action.


Bluepalm designs personalized consulting, coaching, & training programs in:

  • Strategic communication. What essential issues does my story address? What makes my solutions relevant, doable, and perfectly disruptive?
  • Education. How can we prepare children with the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century?

Our core beliefs …

  • physical & emotional engagement maximize performance
  • personal & professional development begin in youth and last a lifetime
  • the qualities of the artist – passion, rigor, & innovation – are essential for success in the 21st century


The Art of Business

Artists are creative problem-solvers, self-motivated risk takers with high standards and a passion for doing. Combining practices from their world-class artistic experience with neuro-cognitive pedagogy, the methods of Jackie Planeix and Tom Crocker help to establish a company culture rooted in meaning, rigor, & elegant efficiency.  The result?  Rapid, relevant, & rooted communications,  from  concept  design  to  Q & A.  Business is an artistic enterprise in the 21st century.  Bluepalm’s communication techniques leverage the aesthetics and passion of the arts to beautifully meet the hardcore demands of an international, interconnected, & distracted world.