2018: Celebrate dance on Instagram everyday!

DANCE.    What began as a romp in the living room turned into a passion, a profession and, finally, a practice that continues to inspire us daily. Dance brought us together and, combined with theater, has directed every move of our life in art.  We believe the world would be a better place if people danced more. What better way to be fully alive, connected in body and spirit?


So, we have imagined an Instagram account – #dancebluepalm – as a way to help share the joy of dance. Everyday – with an image & a link to a fabulous video – we encourage you to drop everything and celebrate the moment, in movement. 


We hope #dancebluepalm will help you to live, love, and enjoy life even more fully in 2018. Check in daily alone or with friends and family. We’d love to hear your thoughts or, better yet, we’d love to see you dancing! Send your emails &videos to: planeixcrocker@gmail.com.


Remember, it’s your dance floor, so do it your way. There is no wrong or right way because, just like life, it’s one great big improvisation. Now, shall we dance?  #dancebluepalm



Jackie & Tom