French genius.   Great story.   Global audience.   

Every company is a startup (or should act like one) and needs to think globally.  We help French companies build storytelling skills in English to share great stories with a world audience.  What is your story?  Does it inspire listeners to action?  Are your storytellers (i.e., your employees) part artist/ part entrepreneur?  Bluepalm consults and coaches strategic thinking, presentational, & storytelling skills in English that will help take your company to the next level.  Are you ready?  Think fast, it’s the new economy…

Strategic communication now.

Lima, September 2017.  Watch Jackie & Tom prep final IOC presentations with Paris 2024 co-president, Tony Estanguet. ->

Bluepalm @ EFAP & IGS

Some of our Partners

  • Paris 2024: We trained presentation & communication skills that contributed to the success of Paris 2024
  • Canal+: ‘Hi Performance’ – communication skill building for HR, international group, Les Guignols and Groland teams
  • EFAP & IGS: ‘My Life is My Business’, young business professionals learn to ‘think like an artist’ in English
  • Lycée International de Los Angeles: coaching for administrators; cross-cultural sensitization for parents; California culture awareness building for French teachers

Beyond learning English - and it's incredible how much everyone progressed over four sessions - it provides a fantastic opening of the mind. I think that for companies, it is essential.

Frédérique BALLAY: Canal+ Production
"It's a new method which should be used in all realms …focusing on the intelligence of each individual."
Corinne JULIEN: Canal+ Production

It's not like learning in school.
Here, you are the master of what you give. You have to be motivated, go beyond your limitations, and get to your core strengths.

Anne BUC: Les Guignols, Production