Los Angeles County: providing Latino communities with 21st century skills through arts-based learning


Common Core Meets Visual & Performing Arts. The three year, standards-based, Language Arts integration program provides all students equal access to the benefits of learning in and through the arts. The heart of Common Core (higher cognition, presentational skills, collaborative learning) work hand-in-hand with the tenets of arts-based learning (multi-modal, metacognitive, active) to prepare the groundwork for lifelong learning. The K-5 program provides:


1. Professional development:

Bluepalm Art Coaches train staff in and outside the classroom in the use of Dance, Theater, Music, and Visual Arts activities to encourage body/ mind engagement in Language Arts acquisition.


2. Workshops:

Model workshops allow teachers to progress from active viewer, to co-instructor, to independent provider: upon completion, teachers are able to reproduce cross-curricular activities on their own.


3. Parent training:

Hands-on experiences help parents learn: 1) how arts-based learning builds 21st century skills; 2) advocacy tools to support arts-based learning.

Some of our partners …

  • Montebello Unified School District: Bluepalm arts integration professional development training program is present in all K-3 classrooms (the sole sustainable, district-wide, elementary arts integration plan in Los Angeles County)
  • Micheltorena Elementary School (Los Angeles): systemic arts plan K-6; art-based learning, Visual Arts & Science, Dance & Health, Theater & literature; parent dance class; community building
  • Velette School, Rillieux-La-Pape (Lyon): communication, community, and professional development; intercultural workshops and intergenerational performance
  • Los Angeles County Music Center Summer Institute for Educators: “How to Design Interdisciplinary Arts Learning Programs”
  • USC: ‘Memory, Movement, and the Brain’ – Neuroscience Department; sharing the cognitive benefits of learning using movement (Dance) and emotion (Theater)
"Our students have also seen connections between art, learning,
and their lives, bringing more relevance
and importance to the artist in them."
Lucio Garcia 112th St Elementary School, Los Angeles
"Bluepalm provides important arts education leadership
for Los Angeles County."
Megan Kirkpartick, Senior Manager, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Jackie and Tom bring an energy and exceptional level of expressivity which comes from their experience as professional artists. In addition to these qualities they share a high level of listening skills to partners' needs and an enormous work ethic.

John Fleck, President, Lycée International de Los Angeles